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Dystans Gallery opening – photoreport

Thank you very much for participation in the Dystans Gallery opening and kind words that we could heard both during the event and after its end. Your support is very significant for us.

It ensures us that promotion of modern Polish artists makes sense and belief in our success gives us energy for later activities.
Almost 400 people interested in the subject of modern art appeared during the opening. Such a big interest in the newly established gallery is the evidence of a big potential of this initiative. We are also thankful that the tourists and the residents of Krakow are open to modern art presented at new places on the cultural map of Krakow. We hope that you will be following our events and observe how we detect popularise new trends.

Below we present the photoreport from the opening of the Dystans Gallery and accompanying exhibition „Adam Wsiołkowski & Marcin Kowalik – 66/33”. Additionally, our guests could see a generative audiovisual projection „Frequency 66 / Modulation 33” conducted live by its author, Paweł Miszewski.

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